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Jewelry care 101

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how to give your jewelry a longer life.


  • One of the most important things to know abouT Jewelry is to Remove IT when doing anything that involves MOISTURE. washing dishes, swimming or taking a shower WITH YOUR JEWELRY IS LIKE dirt to white pants. Do not keep youR Jewelry in the bathroom it will suck the shiny right off.

  • A good tip For earrings and/or necklaces: Be careful with Hair dye chemicals and bleach. Although these chemicals can enhance you, it will not do the same for your jewelry. They can be very harmful to genuine metal and stone jewelry. It's a good idea to take off your jewelry and then by all means put it back on as soon as possible to complete the look.

  • Lotion up, put on make-up, do your hair, put on your jewelry...IN that order. Products and chemicals can dull, tarnish, and possibly ruin your piece.

  • Don't wear your jewelry when sweating or being active. again, moisture is not your friend.  This can also cause scratches and cracks that can weaken your piece. (Worst case SCENARIO you take it off while lifting and forget about it. heads up from looks cool and someone will take it REGARDLESS of what it might mean to you.)


  • For the quickest fix, purchase the "SHINY MAGIC brush" availaBLE ON THIS SITE.  Brushing with A MILD soap will shine your jewelry right up.

  • Jewelry polishing pads or cloths are the best option to gently clean the metal and stones of your piece. Tissue paper and towels can cause scratches, so use caution with these materials. 

  • For stubborn tarnish on metal or deep cleaning, take to your local professional jeweler. 


  • JEWELRY CAN TARNISH AND LOSE IT'S LUSTer IF IT ISN'T STORED PROPERLY. minimize exposure to air, dirt, and other elements that will dull its sparkle and shine (which is the best part). This will also keep it from getting scratched.

  • If you have a Jewelry box, Consider purchasing anti-tarnish tabs or strips to add.


  • If your jewelry has become damaged or needs fixing, please take to a reputable jeweler for any repairs. Do not attempt unless professionally trained.

  • Feel free to contact me with any Questions and concerns. i got you.